Why Barley?

Barley is a unique grain with wholesome goodness and flavor with stable roasting characteristics. Barley has been used historically as a base for many drinks. Cafe Cebada... Continue

History of Barley

Barley has an interesting history and is used around the world. The many uses of barley may surprise and at times amaze you. For instance, barley... Continue

Tasty Recipes

If you can do it with coffee you can do it with Cafe Cebada. Delicious recipes that you can enjoy yourself or serve for the holidays. Bring the... Continue

1 lb. Singles

Treat yourself to the finest dark roasted barley available anywhere. Smooth, delightful & refreshing. A product of the USA.

Net Weight – 1.0 lb

Price: $8.99 USD per lb.

By The Case

Save more. Order by the case. Six individual 1-pound packages per case. About 1/2 the cost of coffee! Defiantly better for you.

6 – 1.0 lb. packages/case

Price: $49.99 USD per case

10 lb. Bulk

Are you storing food? Then our bulk bag will not only save you money but be a great addition to your home storage program.

10.0 lb. packs

Price: $74.95 USD / 10 lb.

Thoughtful Benefits

We put a good deal of thought into offering a product we would be proud to serve at any table. Not only did we develop the finest organic coffee alternative available, we also packaged it in an eco-friendly completely compostable bag.

Every detail from the process has been carefully considered. Your good health and the health of our environment were essential elements of the development process. We use only 100% certified organic pearl barley and then roast it to perfection. We then package it in a bag made from 50% recycled coffee bean bags and 50% recycled paper. The inner bag is an air tight PLA bag (a derivative of corn) and thus completely compostable. This little step has amazing... Continue